Producer, performer, musician & vocalist.

Isaac Chambers

Since 2005 the intricately crafted sounds of Isaac Chambers have floated onto the international music scene spreading a playful but passionate message of Love.

Isaac has two main musical projects, one for the Dance floor and one for the Chill zone. Both cover a diverse and dynamic range of genres, while always showing tell tale signs of his unique and recognizable sound. As well performing both his music projects Isaac also runs workshops on Musical Intention & Audio Production.

From earthy Downbeat and World music grooves through to Hip Hop and Roots Reggae Isaac seamlessly glues them together with his trademark production style, combining a mix of sexy electronic goodness with instrumental lushness. Isaac records all the instruments in his music instead of sampling. Creating organic electronic music using all his abilities including rapping, singing, playing guitar, keyboards, percussion and programming as well as collaborating with other musicians to bring you something truly original sounding and human.

Combining perceptive content with all things playful, fruity and Phat, Isaac creates Dance music that is both unique and refreshing. Deep Progressive Trance bass lines are interwoven with elements from Techno, Breaks and House to connect you with your funky inner child. Using warm melodies and earthy tones Isaac weaves together playful energy with a message of love for planet and kindness towards each other, taking you on a uplifting journey without boundaries.

This is infectious sonic stimulation that carries you away on a positive journey to infinity and beyond.

Isaac has released music on labels such as Addictech and Fabula Records and has headlined many festivals and clubs across Australia and New Zealand as well as collaborated with a variety of music heavyweights, including Antix (Iboga), Hedflux (Broken Robot Records), Loopus in Fabula (Fabula Rec), Grouch (Zenon/Up), Tom COSM, Deep Fried Dub, Spoonhead (Delicious), Soulware (Organik Audio) and Jess Chambers.

Isaac is renowned for his unique style, polished production, enthusiasm for life and ability to get a dance floor positively grooving.

With two new albums almost completed keep your ears peeled for upcoming releases in 2015.

This is one little man with a big sound that you don’t want to miss.